As lovers of art and art books, Wonder gleefully revelled in the opportunity to brand Cassone, a new international online magazine of art and art books. Working with Editor, Sue Ward and Production Director, Frances Follin, we set out together to design a timeless yet contemporary brand and magazine.

When exploring concepts for the project, our first question lay in how do we bring to life the sensation of browsing through a beautifully produced coffee-table magazine to an online experience? The answer was to produce a strong visual identity for Cassone and to design an online magazine which combines classic design approaches, like making use of a strong 12-column grid, with beautiful illustrative flourishes. Content is very much king for an online magazine; we made sure the site design enhanced the articles rather than getting in the way of them, echoing tried and tested models of online newspapers and magazines.

The logo itself makes use of serif typeface, Georgia, with a set of graphic devices that allude to the turning of a page and a stack of magazines to represent the digital manifestation of this new online resource. This has both animated and static states within the magazine.

Each monthly issue presents content across categories including: Perspectives, Featured Reviews, Interviews, Arts & Artists, Around the Galleries, Architecture & Design, Photography & Media. These divisions of content are brought to the forefront of the experience with the use of a unique illustrative palette of iconography to visually label the journey through the site.

“When we decided to launch Cassone: The International Online Magazine of Art and Art Books, we knew from the outset that we had to have a really great website. Art lovers would expect our site to be aesthetically highly pleasing and not ‘techy’ as well as easy to read and navigate around. Wonder got on top of the brief very quickly, and within a few months we went from ideas on a piece of paper to a working website that is beautiful and exciting to look at and easy to navigate through. Most importantly for a text-heavy site, it is a joy to read – Georgia typeface, which was designed for online reading, has been used throughout so we know our readers will be able to spend time reading Cassone without getting eyestrain! We plan to be the first place people look for information on art and the many books published about it each year, as well as exhibitions and places of art-related interest. The new website that Wonder have created for us makes that dream possible.” Frances Follin, Production Director, Cassone.

This online magazine features a subscription, payment and login model, auto-generated e-marketing and a plethora of rich and dynamic content, fully under the control of the client.

With increasing pressures throughout the sector to demonstrate return on investment, Cassone allows for advertising opportunities throughout the site, tracking page impressions and click through rates. The inaugural issue included advertising from Tate Publishing, Association of Art Historians and The Antiques Collectors’ Club.