Lyric Hammersmith produces work that is provoking, entertaining, popular, eclectic, messy, contradictory and diverse. When they approached us here at Wonder to overhaul their website and e-marketing system, we exerted our creative skills to escort this brand ethos to life online.

Asking the right questions unlocked the Lyric world for the Wonder team. We soaked up their atmosphere, experienced what they offer and nattered with the Lyric team. Using our proven approach, we then transformed our encounters into a meaningful online offer.

The new visual approach adopts a strong 12-column grid throughout the site, distinctive colour wheel for different content areas, use of font replacement for the Lyric brushstroke type, and iconography to push core information like tickets.

The site design and functionality was written using XHTML, CSS and jQuery, with a development methodology known as Progressive Enhancement. With this methodology, the site works across the most popular browsers, mobile devices (e.g. the iPhone and iPad) and, as with all of our sites, meets accessibility standards (e.g. for screen readers).

We invested time in using the very latest trends and innovations to boost the wealth of content. The media carousel allows the Lyric team to upload rich media content (dramatic images and videos) across any/all pages of the site. We also auto pull the latest information from all social media services like twitter, Facebook and Flickr without the client having to lift a finger.

A sound What’s On production engine with searchable calendar site not only promotes productions and events, but also encourages online ticket sales with direct links to Blackbaud’s Patron Edge Online, which we re-skinned to deliver a consistent online brand experience.

“From start to finish Wonder approached the redesign of with an amazing amount of enthusiasm, knowledge and intuition. They immediately got right to the heart of our brand and core values and transformed these thoughts and feelings into an engaging, exciting and comprehensive site. All avenues were explored and ideas, questions and challenges were always met with a solution. Their problems never became ours and at every step of the project we felt fully supported and, most importantly, in safe hands. The entire process was an informative and greatly enjoyable experience.” Joanna Down, Head of Communications, Lyric Hammersmith