The Henry Moore Institute is a world-recognised centre for the study of sculpture in the heart of Leeds. An award-winning exhibitions venue, research centre, library and sculpture archive, the Institute hosts a year-round programme of exhibitions, conferences and lectures, as well as developing research and publications, to expand the understanding and scholarship of historical and contemporary sculpture.

The Institute is part of The Henry Moore Foundation, which was set up by Henry Moore in 1977 to encourage appreciation of the visual arts, especially sculpture. What a responsibility then, to be tasked with forging a more consistent, familiar identity and visual approach. Luckily, for us, the institute chose Wonder for the job.

Taking inspiration from the shape of the buildings architecture; the rectangular shard acts as a direct representation of the venue entrance. This iconic walkway, leading into the award-winning building, now acts at the core of the identity lockup. The identity introduces the distinctive Bodoni typeface, designed by Giambattista Bodoni, reflecting the organic yet angular approach to modern art, underscoring the institute's leadership role in the field of sculpture.

The new identity expands on this logotype, making Bodoni the principal font for all typography. More importantly, it creates a complete methodology for the identity’s application and handling across all collateral. A strong grid has been established for the uniform placement of title treatments, imagery and credits, enforcing its position and ensuring all collateral acts as a coherent series.

This brand identity is applied to all Henry Moore Institute materials, including programmes, posters, banners, e-marketing and other materials. Individual exhibitions continue to have their own title treatments and creative concepts, but they now work with rather than against the overall approach. Since our work began, we have supported the Institute in attracting over 50% more visitors and believe that a re-clarified identity has been a core driver in this success.