Our eighth campaign for Henry Moore Institute sought to drive visits to Michael Dean: Government, a major exhibition which transforms the Institute's galleries. Michael Dean's sculptures are either the perfect size to be carried or quote their surrounding architecture where they are then to be found lurking, propped against gallery walls.

The design took inspiration from the veined and ridged surfaces of the artworks, with a layering of tonal greys, and angles. The typeface provides a strong, bold stackable identity, also emphasising the layering affect.

For the promotional  print, we again adopted the A2 limited edition printed poster that folds down into an A5 leaflet. This has become a collectable, popular print outlet for visitors and fans of the Institute. A bespoke belly band encapsulated and framed the exhibition dates for the VIP invitation.

The campaign extended across external venue graphics (banner, vinyl, lightbox), aesthetically inviting viewers to this exhibit, as well as exhibition panels and labels, totem and posters.