Continuing our relationship with Henry Moore Institute, we were commissioned to devise our seventh campaign for United Enemies, an exhibition of 1960s and 1970s British sculpture by over fifty artists during a time when the idea of sculpture was being radically contested.

Inspiration was taken from one of the key exhibit pieces, Roelof Louw's 'Soul City (Pyramid of Oranges)', a work of over 6,000 oranges which depletes as visitors help themselves to the fruit. We looked to inject this playful and tactile audience experience into the campaign design.

Using the consistent approach adopted across our other Henry Moore Institute exhibition campaigns, we created a bold identity using a strong title treatment, vibrant colour palette and bold graphical device that could be carried throughout all media.

Decoration of the external facade with large format graphics, ensured that no passer-by could miss the new exhibition. And if they did, outdoor advertising across Leeds, provided another method to reach audiences.

The small format print again took the form of a A2 limited edition printed poster that folds down into an A5 leaflet - another collectable, popular print outlet for visitors and fans of the Institute to explore the exhibition.

Continuing with the series of special invites we have embarked on for all Henry Moore Institute exhibitions, an orange die cut belly band encapsulated the A5 print with a partial reveal of the lead hero image, allowing the recipient the pleasure of revealing the content inside.