Sometimes we like to write a few words about a project. Not this time though, as our client, Janet Uttley, Head of Marketing & PR at IWM North, perfectly summarises what we set out to do:

"The First World War Centenary is of significant importance to IWM North, it was therefore essential that the creative chosen for the marketing of our key exhibition, From Street to Trench: A World War that Shaped a Region, positioned us strongly in the region.
Wonder blew us away with a presentation that wowed us. The use of vibrant colour, whilst retaining a respectful approach to what is a commemorative event is already achieving the desired response. Some people love it and some are not so sure, but what is important is that people are talking about it! The payoff for an organisation such as ours, whose budgets are stretched, is the wider support and use of the creative we are achieving at no additional cost, had we taken a more conservative and indeed predictable route this would not have been the case.
The campaign has only just gone live, during the Summer it is our intention to stretch the boundaries on this even further and Wonder are already helping us to develop how that will work."