It’s good to be kept on your toes, it keeps things fresh and makes sure those creative muscles don’t sag. Following a three year What's On contract with IWM North (2008-2011) , the implementation of a new corporate brand created the opportunity for a new 2012 contract and translation of a newly designed What’s On print. We're thrilled to have been commissioned to launch the Spring-Summer 2012 issue.

"We are delighted to have worked with Wonder Associates on our new What’s On leaflet, which successfully utilises the new Imperial War Museums brand. The new leaflet is striking, colourful and unique giving us great stand-out on the racks across the North West. We use this print to draw audiences from the local area and further afield including distribution to other cultural venues, hotels, libraries and tourist information centres. We look forward to working on the next version for the Autumn/Winter season." Sam Howard, Marketing & PR Co-ordinator, IWM North

We started with the basics: most visitors are coming to the Museum for the first time, and want to know what to expect before a visit. Opportunities to attract new visitors are likely to increase over the coming months and years with the spotlight on the Quays and MediaCityUK. With this in mind, we wanted to produce a piece that clearly demonstrated the full offer available to visitors, highlighting the unique selling points of IWM North and using testimonials from press and previous visitors.

We have refreshed the design approach to reflect the new brand. We explored the new branding to the max, bringing the dramatic, iconic and contemporary elements to life in the printed form.

The roll fold execution of the What’s On print took-on elements of the angled brand devices, using a slanted die-cut to the cover to reveal the content inside with a unique twist. 

Internally, areas for type and images have been clearly defined through use of a tight grid structure. In the upper section, a contemporary use of the images, shapes and colours complements the clean yet dynamic layout of the copy below. The information is bold and clear, and the alternative colours brings the content alive in a modern display.

The re-design demonstrates our love and passion for all things print and we look forward to spotting it in those racks!