We often focus our attention on inspiring the next generation of talent, but equally, how can we re-invigorate teachers? A question Manchester Art Gallery shared with Wonder, as they asked us to develop a brand name, visual identity, trailer, eflyer and print palette to promote their Continuing Professional Development programme for teachers.

We started with a creative shake-up, researching the competitive landscape to find a distinct position for the Gallery. Our approach led us to rename Continuing Professional Development to Thinking Teachers - a name that offers a double-meaning. The Gallery puts teachers at the heart of its offer, carefully thinking about their needs, whilst teachers use the programme for headspace to think about their development and new tactics to take back to the classroom.

For the visual identity, we again sought a unique look and feel. We adopted Humanist, the brand typeface for the title treatment, whilst creating an entirely bespoke illustrative palette. We generated a set of characters and scenes to guide teachers through the programme at Manchester Art Gallery, putting emphasis on the six strands of the programme.

Packaging-up the Continuing Professional Development offer in this new, distinct and interesting manner, we received top marks from Manchester Art Gallery as we ultimately supported them in  increasing awareness and bookings.

"Wonder Associates, as always, came up with a magical and totally appropriate approach, playful, engaging and captivating. The outcome is very Manchester Art Gallery with a twist which is exactly what we wanted. We love working with Wonder for many reasons, they give 200% and more to each project, their standards are exceptionally high and they continue to strive for the best outcome 'til the job is signed off. You always get way more for your money. They are some of the nicest people I have met working in the business. A pleasure from start to finish." Pauline Minsky, Design Manager, Manchester Art Gallery