Manchester Museum commissioned Wonder to brand their new year-round programme for adults. The Museum is high on family friendly appeal, but needed something that would directly attract grown-ups to this new, interesting programme which features events, talks and courses.

Wonder started with a creative process of naming the programme, to give us a hook from which all other activity could hang. Museum Meets was selected from a shortlist of naming ideas that we tested on the Museum team and visitors. It immediately resonated the right messages - open, friendly, informal programming where adults could learn, socialise, have fun.

The name also allows for a plentiful play on words, bringing Museum Meets out as a campaign headline. We could join it with the programme strands, for example, Museum Meets After Hours, and for other communications, for example, Museum Meets Today.

The design approach had to overtly appeal to adults, specifically tapping into students, professionals, the after work crowd, those looking to broaden their social horizons with new and interesting past times. The neon green immediately resonates a contemporary, sophisticated programme for adults. The condensed, rigid and contained font, Modern Alternate Gothic, was used to provide a stamp-able device that could sit across all the marketing and communications.

The end results speak for themselves - a memorable name, stylish presentation and we look forward to tracking its success. Your can catch the latest Museum Meets news and updates at the blog or pick-up leaflets in a rack near you.