From terrace style and cultural movements to designer brands and high street ranges, meet the men and women who have taken football from the terraces to the catwalk at National Football Museum's major exhibition - Strike a Pose: Fifty years of football and fashion.

Following the success of our work on the museum's digital marketing, Wonder were commissioned to create a marketing campaign to build awareness and attract visitors to this new experience. With an audience ranging from avid football fans and the GQ man to cultural tourists and fashion lovers, our aim was to create a campaign that combined an arresting image with imaginative, attention grabbing media.

Our process started with our Creative team researching the themes of the exhibition and experimenting with iconic photography kindly provided from the Getty and MirrorPix archives. This led us to an approach where we combined half a football image, with half a fashion image to create a series of playful, eye-catching main visuals. We and the client knew instantly that the creative would inspire a list of sticky media ideas to drive the campaign. The main image was also picked-up by the BBC and used within a segment on the Culture Show. 

Wonder's Planning and Research function then undertook all media planning and buying....yes, we offer this service too, making Wonder an ideal one-stop-shop for all your agency needs.

Using our relationships with media partners including CBS Outdoors and JCDecaux, we were able to produce a high profile outdoor campaign, featuring Adrails, 6 Sheets, StreetTalks and print distribution throughout Greater Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds. To create further buzz, we also produced a range a guerrilla marketing products, such as Robbie Fowler beermats and David Seaman hair clings, to encourage people to get involved and #strikeapose @footballmuseum

The campaign and exhibition continues until August 2013, so keep your eyes peeled and keep checking back for more photos, tweets and instagrams.