WE PLAY is the North West's four year cultural legacy programme for the Cultural Olympiad, focused on outdoor arts, digital innovation and young producers. Funded by Legacy Trust UK, the aim is to create a lasting impact from London 2012 by supporting ideas and local talent to inspire creativity across the North West. 

The programme reflected a collective ambition to respond to the Games, to encourage big ideas, widen participation, strengthen international standing and build sustainability. Wonder were commissioned to undertake work for the WE PLAY EXPO - this involved every output possible from festival programmes to ticket passes, lanyards, badges and a memory book. 

The next step was producing an evaluation report with a difference...using illustration, motion graphics and animation rather than the usual printed report. Crafted to perfection, our Creative Director, Rob, illustrated every frame to bring alive the content messages in an infographical style collaborating with an Animator, Musician and Narrater to produce the final edit. You can see the results at: http://weplayevaluation.org/