Yehudi Menuhin founded his famous school to provide the environment and tuition for musically gifted children from all over the world to pursue their love of music, develop their musical potential, and achieve standards of performance on stringed instruments and piano at the highest level.

Since 1963 the School has expanded and now educates more than sixty musically gifted boys and girls between 8 and 1. Wonder were challenged to develop the brand idea and visual identity with the aim being to create a more modern and straightforward presentation.

The first step visually was to reformat the logo mark, by creating a family set of logos for use in various areas of the school. The iconic 'Y' symbol was placed alongside the typeface Bauer Bodoni, a typeface drawn by Heinrich Jost in 1926, made famous for its extreme contrast between hairline and main stroke character forms. This lockup created a sophisticated mark, whilst maintaining a musical feel. The family of logos consists of the Hall, Enterprises and Fundraising departments. Each having its own unique colour pallete to reflect the mood and dynamics of that department.

A photographic style was determined by Wonder, striving to capture intimate moments in music, the emotions and characteristics of the pupils at the school, and the beautiful landscape of the venue. Richard Lewisohn was then hired to capture and create a library archive of these moments for use in all Yehudi Menuhin School collateral.

The full rebrand consisted of a style guide with comprehensive templates and tools to use in-house, amongst print outputs such as stationary, annual report, brochures, seasonal newsletters and advertorial artwork, Wonder completed a full revision of the schools online presence.

The website acts as a online forum for pupils, performers, staff and the public. Allowing music lovers to view upcoming performances and events, school pupils to log-on and check their forthcoming weeks schedule, and allow teachers and governors to share and review informational materials.